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Pranayama gets Pragya’s attention

Pranayama gets Pragya’s attention Pragya Jaiswal says she’s still trying to come to terms about being busy during the  second wave of the pa...

Pranayama gets Pragya’s attention

Pragya Jaiswal says she’s still trying to come to terms

about being busy during the  second wave of the pandemic and

the subsequent lockdown, even as she points out what she considers a

vast difference in the mind-set between the two lockdowns.

“Last year’s lockdown was about waiting for things to get better; the

current lockdown is about getting vaccinated and making the time

productive,” says Pragya, who got vaccinated last week with her par-

ents. “I feel that getting vaccinated is the only way we can prevent the

spread of contagion. The vaccination may reduce the severity of the

infection even if one contracts the virus,” the actress says.


Still following all the health protocols despite getting vaccinated,

Pragya — a fitness enthusiast — has been working at keeping herself

physically and mentally fit. She elaborates her love for working out

by sharing that workouts are her biggest stressbusters, which also

keep her mind active.

“I’m a morning person and have never exercised in the evenings. By

the time I come back from the shooting, I am exhausted. I also need 5–6

hours of sleep, and sometimes need more if I’ve done night shoots. But

now because of the pandemic, I’ve made time for exercising in the

evenings,” she says However, Pragya doesn’t shy of

admitting that it is not easy to stay positive during these pressing

times. “News about infected people suffering and dying affects us. So

while I am aware of what’s happening around me, I try to avoid tuning

into it as much as I can,” she states. 


The actress, who was last seen in the 2018-film Achari America Yatra,

tells us that when she decided to stay with her parents in Mumbai,

and as a precautionary measure, she isolated herself after returning

home from her shoots. “My mother then asked me why I didn’t do

pranayama. It was challenging in the beginning, but soon I realised it

was an amazing thing; it calms me and reduces my anxiety,” she

explains. Since her mum’s advice, Pragya has also recently started

practicing yoga and breathing exercises. “It was my mother who taught

me and made me practice these  things for an hour and it leaves me

feeling very positive and energetic,” the actress adds.

Recently, just before the second wave of pandemic triggered, Pragya had to head to

the jungles of Dandeli, Karnataka, to shoot her upcoming film, Akandha, which also stars

Balakrishna. The actress made the most of her trip during the days she was off from

shooting, as she indulged in many activities including forest bathing and river rafting,

trekking and jungle safari

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